Yukon Motorcycle Test 04

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Yukon Motorcycle Test 04

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At medium or high riding speeds, the rider and the motorcycle should...?

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What are the most common crash type involving motorcycles?

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Why should you check your blind spot before making a turn?

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At what speed will the bike feel steadier?

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When you stop behind another vehicle at an intersection, how much space should you leave between your motorcycle and the vehicle ahead?

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What is a space conflict?

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Why should you never pass when going up a hill?

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What is referred to as central vision?

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Why should you park at a 45-degree angle when parking on a street?

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At triple the speed you will need how much braking distance?

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What is the minimum following distance while riding at city speeds?

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Which statement is false? It is illegal to park on the following...?

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How do you compensate for a blocked view ahead while riding behind a large truck?

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Which of the following is not a strategy for assistance at a crash scene?

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When you go around a curve, inertia tries to keep you going in which direction?

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Is it illegal to coast downhill in neutral or with the clutch in?

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How far from a fire hydrant are you allowed to park?

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When you want to slow down or stop, how should you use the gears?

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Make sure you know what's coming up on the road by scanning at least how far ahead?

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Which statement is false? You should check your mirrors...?

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If your view is blocked after you have stopped at an intersection, what should you do before you ride through?

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What does 'cover your brake' mean?

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What are space margins?

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At what speed has the motorcycle unsteady, wanders easily and requires constant balancing and steering correction?

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When you double your speed, your braking distance increases by...?

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What will allow you to get more power?

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Which statement is false? Use a mirror and shoulder check whenever you plan to do the following...?

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When is the best time to brake?

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The front brake is the most powerful; it provides how much of your stopping power?

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When doing a legal U-turn, how much visibility must you have from other vehicles?

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Get Familiar with the Test Format

The Yukon motorcycle test consists of two parts: a written knowledge test and a practical riding test. The written portion consists of multiple-choice questions, while the riding test assesses your ability to operate a motorcycle safely on the road. In order to properly prepare, it is important to understand the format of each test and what to expect.