Saskatchewan Motorcycle Test 06

Prepare yourself for success with our Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test! It is perfect for Saskatchewan residents and learner drivers aspiring to obtain their Class 6 license.


Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test 06

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All drivers in the MGDL program that incur one of the high risk offences while on a motorcycle will be interviewed and, unless there are extenuating circumstances, their endorsement could be suspended for a period of how long?

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Which statement is false? The following offences are considered severe...?

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What happens if you're late for your road test appointment and you don't have your driver's licence on you?

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After passing your road test, remember to validate your endorsement at a motor licence issuer, and pay...?

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If you fail your test, when can you schedule another test?

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To go from Novice 2 to a full, unrestricted 'M' motorcycle licence, you have to stay incident-free for how long?

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Which statement is false? The basic ability test will test you on the following...?

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The engine size restriction 'R' no longer applies if...?

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What happens if your license expires?

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Once you're through the novice stages, you can ride mopeds as an experienced rider but you're still considered a learner (with learner restrictions) on...?

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Which statement is false? You will fail the test for the following...?

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You can only hold your 6 Endorsement for a maximum of...?

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As a new rider, how long do you have to ride as a learner before being eligible to take the non-learner ‘M' Endorsement road test?

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The learner period expires after how long if you haven't passed the SGI motorcycle road test?

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To go from Novice 1 to Novice 2, you have to stay incident-free for...?

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Which statement is false? If you successfully pass the approved course, you don't have to...?

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Severe offences involving a new motorcycle driver could result in what happening?

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When you're eligible to validate your 6 Endorsement you have to pay your $500 MGDL fee, unless...?

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You have the option to take either an SGI-approved motorcycle training course or pass the basic ability road test with how many tries?

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To get rid of the R restriction what can you do?

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If you go for your 'M' endorsement on a moped, you get what type of restriction and keep your 'R' restriction if you already had one?

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A motorcycle rider with 6 Endorsement must display...?

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What happens if you fail the basic ability road test a third time?

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If you operate a motorcycle when your motorcycle endorsement is suspended, the motorcycle can be impounded for how long?

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If you take your 6 Endorsement basic ability road test on a motorcycle with what engine size, you're given an 'R' restriction that limits you to drive motorcycles...?

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Which statement is false? Saskatchewan has a zero drug and blood alcohol content (0 BAC) tolerance for drivers that are...?

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Which statement is false? Your motorcycle road test will be refused if...?

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A failing grade for the basic ability test is...?

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Which statement is false? All motorcycle helmets, including those approved for MGDL riders, have to comply with at least one of the following standards...?

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Which statement is false? You will fail the basic ability test if you...?

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Tips for Exam Day

While taking our practice test is an excellent way to prepare for your exam, there are a few additional tips that can help you on exam day:

  • Get a good night’s sleep before the exam
  • Eat a nutritious breakfast to fuel your brain
  • Arrive early to the testing center to reduce any stress or anxiety related to being late. It also gives you time to calm your nerves and mentally prepare.
  • Ensure to bring all the required documentation, including your identification and any paperwork required by the SGI.
  • Dress comfortably for the exam, keeping in mind that you want to be in a good physical state to focus entirely on the test questions.
  • Finally, trust in your preparation. Remember, the practice tests are designed to closely mirror the actual exam, so if you’ve diligently used them as part of your study plan, you’re well-prepared to ace your SGI motorcycle learner’s licence exam.