Saskatchewan Motorcycle Test 03

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Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test 03

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What's the main problem with highway pegs?

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What are highway pegs?

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Does hard-packed snow have less traction than loose snow?

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Is the front brake more effective on slippery surfaces?

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Why should you approach an intersection slowly?

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What is lane splitting?

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What lowers tire pressure the most?

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Does wind, cold and rain make you tire quickly?

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While riding in the rain, should you test your brakes?

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What is a sissy bar?

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If there is a car ahead at night, how can you use it to your advantage?

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Which statement is false? Icy or snow-covered patches may be found at...?

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When it is safe to change lanes, you should look, then signal and...?

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Which statement is false? By staying in the left portion of the lane, you can avoid the problems caused by...?

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If someone is following you too closely, you should...?

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You should cross railway tracks at...?

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Do prescriptions, over the counter and illegal drugs all affect your brain function while driving?

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What is the best position to ride in on a gravel road?

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The smart thing to do while dealing with foggy conditions is...?

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Are motorcyclists allowed to ride two abreast?

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Speed limits posted on curves apply to...?

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Which statement is false? To handle uneven surfaces, you should...?

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What can you do to get a better view through the curve?

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Why should you not ride in thunderstorms?

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If you find you are unable to avoid riding on a very slippery surface such as ice or snow, slow down as much as possible before you get to it and...?

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Motorcycle drivers in the MGDL program are prohibited from riding between which hours?

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Oil from other vehicles tends to build up in the centre of the lane, particularly near...?

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Why is it important to stay away from the edge of the road when you make sharp turns at intersections or enter and leave freeways?

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Old, worn pavement is smooth and slippery and these extra-slippery sections are visible if you look for...?

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When approaching an intersection, which lane position should you ride in?

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Tips for Success For Your Motorcycle Knowledge Test

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  • Read each question carefully and thoroughly before selecting an answer
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  • Review your answers after completing the test to identify any weak areas that may require additional practice

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