Saskatchewan Motorcycle Test 01

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Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test 01

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As you approach the entrance to the curve and before you lean, you should...?

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The engine-kill switch is located...?

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Which statement is FALSE? Proper clothing includes...?

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Hold the handgrips firmly so that you will not lose your grip if the motorcycle bounces and start with your wrists in what position?

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Adjust each mirror to show half the lane behind you and...?

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Motorcycle operators in the MGDL program and passengers of operators in the Novice 2 stage of the MGDL program must wear...?

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Keep your feet firmly on the footrests since firm footing is important to help you do what?

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The throttle must do what after you release it?

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Which statement is FALSE? If the motorcycle is not equipped with a windshield that deflects the airstream away from the driver's face, the operator must wear...?

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When sitting on the seat, you should be able to place your feet...?

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To be effective, eye or face protection must...?

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Why are gauntlet gloves recommended?

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Which of the following is not a step needed while looking for a turn?

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Countersteering causes the bike to...?

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To turn right, press on the...?

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Most motorcycles have how many gears and a neutral position?

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Why should you hold your knees firmly against the gas tank?

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You should sit close enough to the handlebars to reach them with your arms...?

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Should tinted goggles or face shields be worn at night?

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Your body position should be...?

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The fuel supply valve is a petcock located...?

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Which statement is FALSE? Prior to a trip, you should check your tires for...?

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The choke adjusts the mixture of gasoline and air supplied to the engine and usually is used...?

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The key can be removed only in which positions?

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A dimmer switch for the headlight is generally located...?

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Why should you slow enough before the turn?

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Which statement is FALSE? Good riders always begin a trip with...?

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The front brake provides how much of your stopping power?

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Which statement is FALSE? A helmet must...?

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How should the front and rear brakes be used?

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Why Choose Our Practice Test?

Our practice test covers everything from SGI-specific questions to general road rules

Ensuring you’re well-prepared for your exam is crucial, and that’s where our practice tests step in to make a difference. By engaging with our specially curated questions, you simulate the exam environment, boosting your confidence and readiness. Practice helps solidify your understanding of the material but also aids in identifying areas that may require further review. Furthermore, consistent practice with our tests can significantly reduce test anxiety, as familiarity with the question format and time constraints will make the actual test feel more manageable. Our practice tests are designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to ace your SGI exam on the first attempt.

What to Expect

Our Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test includes various questions that cover all aspects of the exam, ensuring you’re prepared for any scenario. Some topics covered in our tests include:

  • Traffic laws and regulations specific to motorcycles
  • Proper handling and operation of a motorcycle
  • Road signs and signals knowledge
  • Safe riding practices

By testing your knowledge on a range of topics, our practice test prepares you for the written portion of the exam. It ensures that you have a solid understanding of motorcycle operation and safety.