Quebec Motorcycle Test 08

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Quebec Motorcycle Practice Test 08

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Inflatable jackets are modelled after...?

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Helmets have an average lifespan of...?

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Which statement is false? Adjust your tire pressure to the appropriate level to...?

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If you come across an accident scene, should you remove an injured rider's helmet?

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How do you know the ABS have been engaged?

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Which statement is false? Before heading out, make sure both rearview mirrors are...?

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Are you allowed to modify the exhaust system of your motorcycle?

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The maximum allowed tire wear is usually indicated...?

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Your jacket should be made of leather or...?

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After the general inspection at the beginning of the season, does your motorcycle also need regular maintenance?

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Why is it recommended that you wear a helmet for 20 minutes in the store before purchasing it?

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The headlight must operate at maximum intensity for how much of each cycle?

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Which physical characteristics is not one of the factors when deciding on a motorcycle?

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The lowest intensity for the headlight must be no less than how much of the maximum intensity?

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Which statement is false? Your helmet should...?

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Is a motorcycle's windshield considered adequate protection?

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If your helmet is not fitted with a visor, what should you use instead?

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Should you need to plan your itinerary before going on a trip?

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Make sure the throttle turns freely and does what when released?

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The manufacturing date of the helmet is indicated...?

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What does ABS stand for?

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Should you replace your helmet if it has been involved in an accident?

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When should you check tire pressure?

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Do helmets have a limited lifespan?

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Instead of using a tinted visor in daylight hours, you should...?

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