Quebec Motorcycle Test 07

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Quebec Motorcycle Practice Test 07

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When travelling in a group, you should maintain at least how much of a safety margin between vehicles?

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Do cognitive functions change with age?

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Before applying the brakes, is it better to slow down and downshift first?

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Which statement is FALSE? Counterbalancing is the technique used...?

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During emergency braking, if the brakes are applied with too much force, weight will shift...?

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Can consuming alcohol reduce peripheral vision?

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Does skipping a gear when downshifting causes heavy engine compression?

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Which part of your lane is the best position for passing or turning left?

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Can braking amplify the effect of shimmying or wobbling?

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When may it be necessary to adjust the height of the headlight?

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Does wearing a helmet reduce your peripheral vision?

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Is there a difference between countersteering at 50 km/h and countersteering at 75 km/h?

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What can you do to maintain your braking capacity when riding your motorcycle in the rain?

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Coordinating the use of the two brakes helps to prevent...?

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Does carrying extra loads affect the way you negotiate curves and operate your motorcycle at low speed?

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When you are tired, your reaction time can be up to how much longer than usual?

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Does uneven load distribution cause shimmying or wobbling?

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To compensate for the force of wind on your bike, you may have to...?

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The way you avoid an obstacle is different depending on...?

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The most significant risk factor on the road is...?

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A sleep deficit of five hours has the same effect as...?

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Shimmying or wobbling of your motorcycle may be related to...?

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Your field of vision is reduced by how much at a speed of 100 km/h?

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Does the type of motorcycle and environmental conditions affect the stability of a motorcycle and, as a result, your balance?

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What should you do when negotiating a curve?

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