Ontario Motorcycle Test 02

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Ontario Motorcycle Practice Test 02

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If you do not apply enough throttle, what can the motorcycle do when you release the clutch?

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Where is a centre stand usually located?

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How much stopping power does the front brake provide?

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Should you always check the condition of the vehicle before you drive it?

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Some motorcycles have a kick-start lever located...?

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To shift up, twist the throttle as you...?

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Make sure all levers, pedals and switches are in good condition, operate properly, and...?

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Which statement is false? Check your tires for the following...?

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To start, make sure your motorcycle is in which gear?

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The high-beam light glows what colour when the high beam headlight is on?

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Do the headlight and tail light come on automatically when the ignition is switched on and the engine is running?

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Generally, you start a motorcycle (not a limited-speed motorcycle) by turning the ignition switch on and making sure the engine kill switch is...?

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How do you manually switch off the signal after each turn or lane change?

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When checking the chassis, what should you look for?

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To maintain your balance, keep your feet...?

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When do you release the electric starter button?

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The engine kill switch is used...?

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Most modern limited-speed motorcycles have a type of automatic transmission called...?

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Which statement is false? When checking cables, you should check...?

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When is the choke used?

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The switch to turn the headlight from low beam to high beam is usually on...?

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How should you adjust the mirrors?

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How should you hold the handlebars to keep you from increasing your speed by mistake?

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What is another phrase for 'push' steering?

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Begin by making sure your vehicle is not too heavy or large for you to drive comfortably. Sitting on the seat, you should be able to place your feet...?

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The fuel supply may be controlled by what?

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How do you pull the front brake lever smoothly?

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Why should you not shift gears while you are turning?

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Do you need to lean while turning?

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'Push' steering will cause the motorcycle, and you, to do what?

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