Ontario Motorcycle Test 01

Navigating the process of securing your M1 motorcycle license in Ontario doesn’t have to be a mystery. We cover everything from taking the M1 knowledge test to starting your two-wheeled journey. Practice with our tailored M1 knowledge tests and learn to ride confidently. Steer towards success with expert advice on Ontario’s unique licensing requirements.


Ontario Motorcycle Practice Test 01

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Choose boots that are sturdy and...?

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If you pass the road test on a motorcycle that is not three-wheeled or limited-speed, you get which type of license?

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If you have a valid Class M2, M2(L), or M2(M) licence, you may also drive Class G vehicles under the conditions that apply to...?

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What should happen when you release the throttle?

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What is the most common cause of traffic collisions?

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Are you allowed to carry passengers with an M1 license?

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Which statement is FALSE? Consider wearing protective equipment such as...?

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How many road tests must you pass to gain a full motorcycle license?

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Before taking the Level Two test on a motorcycle that is not limited-speed, you must complete a declaration of...?

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What is the minimum age to drive a motorcycle in Ontario?

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Will a driver have their Class M licence restricted to the type of vehicle they bring to the road test?

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How long does the entire Graduated Licensing System last in Ontario?

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At level two, are you allowed to drive at night?

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With an M1 license, when are you allowed to drive?

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The shift lever should only be used when...?

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A ministry-approved motorcycle safety course has a course certificate valid for...?

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Level Two lasts a minimum of how many months from the day you obtain your M2 or M2 (L), or M2 (M) license?

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Driving for long periods in cold weather can cause...?

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Which statement is FALSE? Gauntlet gloves that extend over your wrists are recommended because they protect your...?

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How should a helmet feel once you put it on?

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If you pass the test on a three-wheeled motorcycle, you get an M (M) licence, which allows you to drive...?

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If you pass a ministry-approved motorcycle safety course, you can reduce the time spent at Level Two by how much?

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If you have a Class M2 (M) licence, are you able to drive a two-wheeled motorcycle, limited-speed motorcycle, or moped?

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What will make you more visible to other drivers on the road?

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The rear brake lever is...

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You may stay at Level Two for a maximum of how long from the day you pass your Level One road test?

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The clutch lever is on...?

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The M1 license is only valid for how many days?

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How many types of vehicles for which you require a motorcycle class license to drive on public roads in Ontario?

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Once you pass the vision and knowledge tests, you get a Class M1 license and enter Level One. You must stay at Level One for a minimum of...?

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The M1 motorcycle license is the first stage of Ontario’s graduated motorcycle licensing system. It allows riders to legally operate a motorcycle on public roads, with certain restrictions in place. The M1 license is valid for 90 days and cannot be renewed or extended.

To obtain your M1 license, you must pass knowledge and vision tests at a DriveTest center. You must also be at least 16 years old, have parental consent if you’re under 18, and provide proof of identity.

Once you have your M1 license, you can practice on public roads if you follow the below-mentioned restrictions.