Nunavut Motorcycle Test


The Nunavut Graduated Motorcycle License

Nunavut Motorcycle Test
Nunavut is currently reviewing its motorcycle license program! While it’s still in the works, is here to help you get your Nunavut motorcycle license as easily as possible.

To become a fully certified motorcycle driver in Nunavut, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Obtain a Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle learner license
  2. Gain experience as a learner (wait for one month before taking the Class 6 road test)
  3. Ace the Class 6 road test
  4. Congratulations! You now qualify for your final Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle license.

Get ready to hit the open road with confidence and style. Start your journey towards motorcycle freedom today!

Note: Unlike other provinces and territories, Nunavut does not have a motorcycle knowledge test. We will update this page if a written knowledge test is required for a motorcycle license. (Last update January 25, 2024)