Northwest Territories Motorcycle Test 07

The motorcycle test is more than an examination; it’s an opportunity to affirm your commitment to safe and responsible riding. Embrace the process, immerse yourself in the study, and remember that every challenge is a chance to grow.


Northwest Territories Motorcycle Test 07

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To keep a riding group together, and maintain an adequate space cushion, how should you ride?

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Who should be in the lead position of the group?

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What is a staggered position?

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What should you use to secure your load?

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Where should heavy items be placed in the trailer?

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On a two-lane highway (one lane for travel in each direction), the leader should ride...?

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Mounting cargo anywhere behind the rear axle can do what?

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Unexpected or sudden movements by the passenger will cause what to happen?

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When should the rider pass?

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Is it illegal to ride side by side in the same lane?

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Riding groups should have no more than how many riders?

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Riders on a two-lane highway must pass...?

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On a multi-lane highway, usually the best choice is for the group to ride in is...?

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Braking forces can cause the motorcycle and sidecar to do what?

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The third rider rides a minimum of how far behind the leader in the same portion of the lane as the leader?

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A motorcycle and sidecar unit may do what during acceleration?

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What is referred to as the dominant position?

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Why should a riding group be an odd number?

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The second rider stays a minimum of how far behind the leader in the other portion of the same lane

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What should you do with your following distance when you carry a passenger?

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Are you able to use the same lane to pass another motorcycle?

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Why should you load saddle bags with about the same weight on each side of the motorcycle?

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Why should you instruct your passenger to look over your shoulder in the direction of an approaching turn or curve?

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The presence of a motorcycle in this position does what?

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If you carry cargo, it is safest to carry it...?

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