Northwest Territories Motorcycle Test 03

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Northwest Territories Motorcycle Test 03

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When it is raining, when are the roads most slippery?

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When both brakes are applied, there is a transfer of rider weight to where?

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What is the advantage of downshifting while braking?

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Why should you shift down through each gear when slowing or stopping?

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If the motorcycle is going too fast for the selected gear and you downshift, what could happen?

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Why should you downshift through the gears to first gear before stopping?

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When should you reduce your speed and change gears for a curve or corner, to have the best control?

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What is referred to as upshifting?

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Are motorcycles allowed to angle park?

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At what degree angle are you parking the motorcycle to the curb or edge of roadway?

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Which of the following is not something to consider when choosing and maintaining your tires?

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Can you shift down several gears at a time?

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Pushing on the left-hand grip will cause the motorcycle to do what?

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How would you brake when stopping under normal conditions?

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How long does perception time normally take?

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Riding with your brake partially applied activates the brake light, may confuse other drivers, and will cause what to happen?

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Which statement is false? What are the factors that determine the time and distance required to stop?

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On a hill, it is best to park...?

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Your rear wheel should be within how many centimetres of the curb?

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Which statement is false? Any sudden change in acceleration or braking to the rear wheel can do what while going around a curve or corner?

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When parking your motorcycle what direction should the front wheel be facing?

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What is referred to as threshold braking?

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What is push-steering also know as?

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How long does reaction time normally take?

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Which of the following is not a method for starting on an uphill slope?

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Study Resources and Materials

Gather the necessary study resources to embark on your preparation. Look for the official Northwest Territories Driver’s Handbook and any supplementary materials the licensing authority provides.

Tailored Study Guide

Craft a tailored study guide that aligns with the content and structure of the Northwest Territories motorcycle test. This includes a mix of theory, riding practice, and visual examinations of motorcycle components.

Online Courses and Workshops

For a more thorough understanding, consider enrolling in online courses and workshops. These can provide in-depth study on specific topics and opportunities for interactive learning.