Alberta Motorcycle Test 08

The Alberta motorcycle practice test can be a crucial step towards obtaining your driver’s license. By taking advantage of online resources such as this free practice test, you can greatly increase your chances of passing the actual test on the first try.


Alberta Motorcycle Practice Test 08

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Which of the following are not GDL probationary conditions for a Class 6 license?

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Which statement is FALSE? Upon exiting the GDL program, you will...?

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What does DOT stand for?

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To exit the GDL program you must, other than being at least 18 years of age, what else has to happen?

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What happens if you have a Class 7 learner's license and then pass the Class 6 motorcycle road test?

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Should all new riders take a course to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely?

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Are you able to reduce your probationary stage?

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How does the examiner monitor a rider on their road test?

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How long does the Class 6 road test last?

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What is a valuable resource for detailed information on inspections?

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The thought of what must be present for every ride?

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Which statement is FALSE? A learning rider who holds a valid Class 7 driver's license (learner) cannot do the following...?

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What does CSA stand for?

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What is referred to as the friction zone?

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Who must supervise you while you are learning to ride a motorcycle until you have passed the Class 6 road test?

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What must be purchased before the knowledge test?

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What happens if you had a Class 7 learner's license and then passed the Class 5 road test before passing the Class 6 motorcycle test?

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By definition, what is the minimum weight of a motorcycle?

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An approved helmet will have what to show that it meets the safety requirements set by one of the standards organizations, on the date that it was manufactured?

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What is the minimum age to get a motorcycle license?

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Pushing on the left-hand grip will cause the motorcycle to do what?

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Which statement is FALSE? A learning rider who holds a valid Class 5-GDL (probationary) driver's license...?

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How many questions does the knowledge test consist of?

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Which driver's license is required to operate a motorcycle on a public roadway without a supervising rider?

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Is it illegal to buy or sell a safety motorcycle helmet unless it meets current safety standards?

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It is important to note that while this practice test may not be the same as the actual exam, it covers a wide range of topics that you will need to know to pass. From understanding road signs and traffic laws to being aware of potential hazards and safe riding practices, the knowledge gained from this practice test can prove invaluable. With dedication and diligent studying, passing the motorcycle knowledge test on the first try is achievable.