Alberta Motorcycle Test 06

Taking the Alberta Motorcycle Practice Test is an effective way to prepare for the mandatory Alberta motorcycle knowledge test. Passing this practice test and studying Alberta’s motorcycle handbook can increase your chances of passing the actual knowledge test on your first attempt.


Alberta Motorcycle Practice Test 06

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When crossing tracks, what position should you take?

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Riding with a passenger is not recommended until...?

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Which statement is FALSE? To ride safely when traction is reduced, do the following...?

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Which statement is false, A passenger is legally permitted on a motorcycle only if...?

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What is threshold braking?

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What should you do with your speed when crossing tracks?

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If a dog runs toward your motorcycle from the front or side, reduce your speed and downshift, and then as the dog approaches...?

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What should you do after a hard impact with an object?

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If an obstacle appears suddenly in your path and you may not be able to stop in time, what should you do?

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Which statement is FALSE? Your motorcycle may need adjusting to allow for the extra weight of the passenger, including...?

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Which statement is FALSE? Ensure that your passenger has...?

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Which statement is FALSE? Some causes of a wobble are...?

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How do you know if the rear tire suddenly goes flat?

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Not locking the wheels allows you to...?

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Which statement is FALSE? If the front tire suddenly goes flat, do the following...?

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Which statement is FALSE? If the throttle is stuck, follow these steps...?

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How should you have your passenger sit?

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Why should you ensure that your passenger's feet can reach and remain on the foot pegs?

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Which statement is FALSE? If the rear tire suddenly goes flat, do the following...?

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Other than having your passenger holding on to your waist, where else can they hold onto?

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What should you do if an animal is near the road?

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Why should you instruct your passenger to check with you before getting on or off the motorcycle?

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What should you do to reduce the risk of hydroplaning?

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How would you know if the front tire suddenly goes flat?

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Which statement is FALSE? If your motorcycle develops a front wheel wobble, follow these steps...?

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A passing score for the knowledge test is necessary before being approved for an Alberta motorcycle driver’s license. With the knowledge and preparation gained through the practice test, you can feel more confident about tackling the test and demonstrating your motorcycle knowledge to the licensing office. Your success in passing the knowledge test on the first try demonstrates your competence as a motorcycle driver and provides a sense of reassurance and safety to yourself and others on the road.

How to Prepare for Your Alberta Motorcycle Road Test

Riding a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience, but it requires skill, knowledge of safety measures, and a thorough understanding of the rules of the road. As you prepare for your motorcycle road test, it’s essential to be thoroughly prepared. This comprehensive guide will help ensure that you are ready to confidently hit the road on the day of your test.

Understand the Rules of the Road

Motorcycle-specific rules, such as lane positioning and safe following distances, are only part of the roadmap to your exam success. Review and adhere to all general traffic laws for riders as you prepare. Knowing what to expect on the test and the road in general is a smart strategy.

Take a Pre-Road Test Course

If you seek extra support and guidance before the big day, consider signing up for a pre-road test course. This investment can make a significant difference, as you’ll receive personalized coaching, get familiar with the actual road test conditions, and benefit from expert feedback.